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See if stem cell therapy is right for you.

Regenerative medicine targets the body’s own innate healing response in order to reverse chronic disease.

Hawaii Island Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine on the Island of Hawaii specializes in the use of regenerative orthobiologic and stem cell treatments in the fight against chronic disease.

Regenerative Medicine has arrived to Hawaii Island bringing an alternative of hope to the available treatment options in degenerative disease.

Trust our clients

  • Robert
    I recently experienced nerve pain in my lower back because of bad posture related to my arthritis. Dr. Lawinski suggest a new salt water treatment from France that uses a special salt water to eliminate the nerve pain. I was pretty skeptical but he said he had a 100% success rate so far, it was affordable, and because of my prior experience with Dr. Chris he has earned my trust. I am so glad I did it worked for me just like it was suppose to, and very noticeably within hours. The nerve pain was reduced almost to nothing from a very painful starting point. I have to say I was happily surprised at how well it worked again, without any drugs at all. I like very much that Dr. Lawinski is both an MD and a Naturopath. He has made a huge difference and improvement to my quality of life. Successful pain reduction without the use of anti inflammatory drugs, narcotics, or over the counter pills of any kind is medicine I support. I am a medical marijuana patient, I use cannabis in moderation because it relaxes me and I find it the most effective if I do have slight aches and pains..... Mahalo Dr. Chris, your awesome....
  • My health has improved overall. The pain is subsiding. Very grateful
    Alexander H.
  • Robert
    Dr. Lawinski has provided Stem cell treatments and Pro Lo therapy to me for advanced arthritis in both knees, tendon and ligament issue in my knees and shoulders, and total loss of cartilage in my knees. He provided these services for much less than I was quoted by other providers. That was the only way I could ever afford to do it. Both treatments were very helpful in their own way. My knees had been swollen and painful for many years prior to the stem cell treatment. I had pain in the connecting tissues also. While we were not able to regenerate noticeable cartilage in my knees, the swelling and pain were reduced to almost nothing and the tendons and ligaments finally healed after years of bothering me. So while I did not gain much range of motion in my knees, the swelling and the vast majority of the pain has been gone for years. I am grateful to Dr. Lawinski for improving my quality of life at about 30% of what I was quoted elsewhere. The stem cells worked quickly within days I saw improvement but also showed continued improvement over time. Good stuff in my case after many years of suffering to the point of not being able to sleep my knees hurt so bad.
  • Dr. Lawinski has provided cutting edge stem cell and pro lo therapy that really helped me without a lot of prescription drugs.
    Robert P.
  • LM
    At 75 years old I thought nothing short of major surgery would really improve the appearance of my skin. I was pleasantly surprised that PRP therapy to my neck and upper chest reduced the sun damage and wrinkles- by about 25 years!  I got the therapy about 2 years ago and it is STILL visibly better in that area than it was before the procedure. I think the neck and upper chest area is critical to how you look and is also very difficult to improve with creams, topicals and other procedures.  This procedure was fast, easy and recovery time was almost zero. I recommend this to anyone who wants a fresher, healthier look without surgery.
    Pahoa, HI
  • DMB
    I have enjoyed the benefits of PRP therapy for both face and scalp. The sessions are pleasant compared to other procedures and the benefits steadily unfold over time. The nice people and the natural approach to improving my whole health in combination with the procedure gives this clinic a definite edge. I can really see how the natural supplements make me both feel and look better, too.
    Keeau, HI

Submit your radiology reports and other medical reports via email to our physician who will review the reports and get back to you regarding your candidacy for treatment.  This service is free of charge. We use secure HIPAA compliant data transmission.  You can also submit your reports via CD, hardcopy, or hard drive to us.