How long do the treatments take?
From 30 minutes up to several hours depending on the treatment you are receiving and the condition being treated.
What is the Preparation for treatment?
Preparation for treatment can involve fasting for up to 6 hours before the procedure, or no fasting at all, depending on the treatment you re receiving. In all cases do not take platelet inhibiting medicines including NSAID for at least 2 week prior and at least 4 weeks after the procedure.
What is the course of treatment?
Course of treatment also depends on the modality used and the condition being treated. In general, stem cell treatments and RPR require fewer treatments for a full course; sometimes only one treatment is necessary for full resolution of symptoms, sometimes from 2-3. Prolozone, prolothrapy and perineural injection on average are administered as a 4 treatments series, however more treatments may be required. Again, treatment course varies widely across patients and accors conditions. Following a full course of treatment, the body begins to reshape and remodel according to the innate healing response being activated. This process can take a full 6 months to fully settle in the body. Therefore, we typically reassess the need for a treatment series after 6 months post treatment.
What are the benefits?
Those who have not found relief from traditional methods may experience a notable return of function from the treatments mentioned here. Significant improvements in chronic conditions can sometimes be seen immediately. However, since the goal of these treatments is long term healing and repair and not just the masking of symptoms, often times the full effects of regenerative medicine treatments develop over the course of at least 6 months. Multiple clinical trials and trials in animal models suggest the benefit of stem cell and regenerative therapies. No result is typical and results cannot be guaranteed.
Does insurance pay?
Unfortunately, at this time insurance does not pay for the professional services offered at Hawaii Island Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.