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November 16, 2019
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November 8, 2019

Urogenital Regenerative Medicine

(Note to readers:  Please be advised before reading. This page contains medical descriptions of normal human sexual and relational behavior, and includes terms related to urogenital anatomy. )

The O-Shot! Genital Rejuvenation and Sexual Health with Platelet Rich Plasma and Natural Medicine

                Healthy, functional, enjoyable sexuality is fundamental to the human experience, and is part of our birthright.  All of us deserve to have optimally healthy sexual organs and wonderful sexual experiences.  Until now, medically, our ability to help people achieve sexual health has been limited to counseling, hormone replacement and nutrient supplementation. Now, we add a powerful and safe new tool to our medical toolbox: The O-Shot. The O Shot uses natural platelet rich plasma (PRP) for the health and rejuvenation of the penis, vagina, clitoris and urethra.

PRP is an innovative technique which has been used safely for decades on many different parts of the body, from joints to skin to teeth to organs.  Finally, there is an effective way to use the healing power of PRP to help heal and rejuvenate genital organs and the urinary tract as well! PRP can be used several different ways ‘down there’… both to treat disease (such as poor bladder control) as well as sexual dysfunction AND is can be used to improve what already works to ‘the next level’ of functioning. This gentle procedure, which starts with a simple blood draw, is revolutionizing health care, including sexual health care. Here are some of the conditions we treat successfully with The O-Shot and PRP:

Sexual Dysfunction (Anhedonia) in Women:  This is a broad topic which includes many forms of difficulty in achieving orgasm and even the complete inability to achieve orgasm with vaginal or clitoral stimulation.  Many women come to us for help because they find that difficulty in achieving orgasm is severely limiting intimacy in their primary relationship.

Moira*, 21, scheduled an O-Shot at the clinic because she had never had an orgasm of any kind with another person, though she was able to have an orgasm after a long session with a vibrator.  She had been ‘faking it’ with her fiancé to make him feel at ease,  and was embarrassed to tell him the truth after withholding this information for so long. After the procedure, Moira reported an immediate ability to enjoy sexual intercourse and was able to have her first orgasm with Dan several days later.  The ability to have an orgasm opened new doors of pleasure and intimacy for both people in the relationship, and Moira finally felt comfortable telling Dan more about herself and sharing with him her real sexual intimacy needs.   Now happily married, Moira credits The O-Shot and her care at Vitality Clinic with saving her relationship!

Vaginal pain during intercourse: (Dyspareunia) At Vitality Clinic we provide comprehensive care, including thorough exploration of the possible causes of discomfort such as hormonal imbalance, scar tissue, infections, structural problems, emotional issues and sexual performance problems.  Of course if other issues are discovered they are treated appropriately.  However, as part of that program, the O -Shot is tremendously helpful for many causes of pain during intercourse.  The procedure helps heal scar tissue, encourages the formation of healthy vaginal skin, increases lubrication, increases the function of the ejaculatory tissue in the vagina and around the urethra (yes, women have ejaculatory tissue!)  and increase the ability of the area  to experience pleasurable sensation by improving the health of the nerves in the area.


Betty* 65, had not had intercourse since her husband Armand died 9 years prior.  Now recently remarried, Betty found that she was having difficulty making love with her new husband, Jack, after such a long ‘break’. She experienced dryness and irritation after only a short amount of sexual activity, and had never actually had an orgasm with Jack.  Betty began dreading sex and looking at it as a chore.   It was hard for Jack not to take this personally, and some tension was building up in their marriage. Betty’s consultation at the Vitality clinic uncovered several severe hormone deficiencies. She also had a mild but irritating yeast infection, and atrophy (reduction of healthy tissue due to ageing) in the vagina.  Correction of the hormone deficiency and treatment of the infection helped her, but she still experienced a lack of pleasure and vaginal discomfort during sex with Jack.  Betty had the O -Shot and experienced an immediate increase in her pleasure with Jack which gradually increased over about 3 months. As she put it “after 3 months I was back to my old (young) self!” Jack was relieved that it was not his fault after all!

Incontinence. (poor or no bladder control,  urinary leakage) Many women suffer needlessly in silence from urinary ‘leaking’ or incontinence, and there is so much shame and denial around this issue.  From a mild inconvenience (leaking when coughing, for example) to a major, life changing disability, urinary incontinence is no joke.  Urinary Incontinence can be due to hormone deficiency and aging, or it can be due to trauma in the area, such as childbirth, or it can be due to a structural problem.  There are two basic types of urinary incontinence, ‘stress incontinence’ and ‘urge incontinence.’ While conventional medicine offers surgical corrections using mesh implants and other minimally successful strategies, we find that engaging the body’s own healing ability with PRP to be a safe and successful option and suggest it before any more risky intervention be tried.  Many of these types of incontinence can be cured (yes, I said cured) with properly applied PRP therapy in the context of natural medical care. Urinary incontinence happens to many women of ALL ages, but it is especially problematic for our elders.  In fact, the primary cause of nursing home admissions is due to inability to care for a relative at home due to poor bladder control.  How wonderful it is to know that there is a simple, affordable solution to this dilemma!

Sue* 59, has had urinary problems since the birth of her second child at age 27. These problems have gradually gotten worse to the point that Sue lines all her chairs with towels or ‘chucks’ pads as she cannot keep herself from leaking urine when she coughs or laughs. This makes any social interaction very uncomfortable for her and indeed she has become very reclusive over the years.  After menopause, the situation got so bad that she had to start wearing incontinence underwear whenever she left the house.  She also cannot hold her urine during the night and has to get up many times to urinate, which leaves her chronically sleep deprived. Sue thought this was all inevitable until her sister told her about the O-Shot.  This simple procedure completely stopped her ‘stress incontinence’ immediately. Sue was able to throw out 31 years worth of folded old towels and even the ‘pee pads’ and ‘special underwear’!  Hormone balancing complimented the procedure and made her happier and more social, too! Time will tell if one procedure will work for life, or if Sue will need a ‘touchup’ every few years. Either way, Sue is very happy with The O-Shot!

The O-Shot for improvement of sexual function (From ‘good’ sex to ‘WOW’ Sex)

True health is freedom from limitation.  Beyond the use of PRP to treat dysfunction and correct health problems lies a new horizon.  PRP can also be used to enhance ‘normal’ sexual function in both men and women.  Just like someone with a ‘normal’ face can use a cosmetic or surgical technique to improve themselves, The O-Shot can be used to enhance pleasure and sensitivity in happily functional people.  Take your romantic life ‘to the next level’ with the O-Shot!

Why do we need it?  There are many natural variations in the structure of the vagina and penis, and sometimes normal, healthy people may not naturally be a ‘great fit’ for one another.  Part of the way the procedure works is by filling in and naturally ‘plumping’ the area of the vagina that is designed to receive stimulation during intercourse. PRP also increases the health of the skin in this area of the vagina, creating the subtle ‘speed bumps’ that nature intended to be on the surface of the vagina (similar in effect to a ‘ribbed’ condom!).  This combination of benefits creates better friction and stimulation for the male partner, as well as greatly increasing sexual stimulation and comfort for the woman. The healthier tissue also makes increased lubrication, even making female ejaculation (‘squirting’) possible for many women for the first time.  It is a natural ‘win-win’ for both partners that can take ‘good’ sex and turn it into ’wow’ sex.

Mike* and Beth*,both in their 30s,  have had a great marriage for 5 years. They consider themselves sexually happy together.  Beth has good orgasms with Mike, though she usually has to use only one position in order to do so, and sometimes needs a vibrator as well.  Beth came to us as an anniversary present to Mike, to see if we could help her  take ‘good’ to ‘great’.  Upon examination, we found that Beth naturally has a moderately ‘receded’ vaginal vault and a clitoral hood and labial shape that made orgasm with Mike difficult naturally.  The O-Shot filled this space in and increased her clitoral sensitivity.  To her delight, Beth found that she could orgasm easily in many different positions, and seldom needed her vibrator (which found itself tossed under the bed for good)!  Mike was so happy with the result that he scheduled a ‘P-Shot’ for himself!

What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.  Platelets are powerful particles in the blood that normally concentrate at an area of injury and set off a signaling cascade that tells the body to heal or rejuvenate a damaged area. You can see this in action in a cut on your arm when straw colored fluid (plasma) concentrates along the edges of the healing cut. That fluid contains particles that are ‘telling’ the body that there is an injury there and that reconstruction is needed. The body then draws healing nutrients and cells to the area so that healthy new tissue can be formed.  Some of the powerful signaling molecules that platelets make include:

  • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF): – Responsible for cell growth and division
  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF): – Responsible for creation of new blood vessels and capillaries
  • Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) – Controls cell growth and cell differentiation
  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF): – Also has a role in cell growth and differentiation
  • Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CGTF)

PRP Therapy uses this natural phenomenon to heal injuries and restore damaged and aging skin by concentrating and placing these particles in the area that needs extra healing. This therapy has been around for decades, but was used in earlier years primarily in elite athletes and in racehorses. It was used first as an injection into injured joints to speed healing, a process which is also performed in our clinic today.

 Platelet rich plasma is made from a fresh sample of your own blood.  The sample is specially prepared to separate out, concentrate and stimulate the platelets, which then are injected carefully into the site of injury or damage. In contrast to other cosmetic procedures, PRP is quite gentle. It uses no foreign chemicals and there is no cutting or scalpel use.  The activated platelets will draw attention to the area and the body will sense that there is an ‘injury’ there which needs to be healed. Gradually, the body will replace sun damaged or aging tissue in the area with newly made skin!  The quality of that skin will depend on  how well we have nourished and prepared your body to make new tissue, which is why integrative care using quality nutrients and hormone balancing has the fastest and most complete effect.   As an integrative physicians, we have observed that PRP therapy works best in combination with hormone balancing and a modest amount of physical therapy done at home in order to maximize whole body health.

How does it FEEL to get an O-Shot?

It is easier on you than you would think! First a simple blood draw from the arm is taken.  After a basic exam, the vaginal and clitoral areas are thoroughly numbed with an anesthetic cream before treatment.  The treatment consists of several injections in specific locations with a very small needle in the vaginal area and the side of the clitoris.  Most people do not feel the vaginal injections at all and most report feeling a mild pinching sensation in the clitoral area.  Customized treatments are available and will vary according to need, for example for the urinary incontinence treatment the clitoral injection is not necessary.

Can my husband get something similar to help him?

Absolutely!  We also offer a similar therapy (The P-SHOT) which uses PRP therapy to improve the health and function (and even the size) of the penis!

For more information on the O-Shot and the benefits of PRP therapy call our office at 808-936-1156. We can pair you with a person who has had the procedure and can  volunteer to talk to you about how it works -from experience!

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